Dental Restorations and Your Smile

Dental restorations can make all the difference to your smile, as they help your teeth stay healthy and cavity-free which also helps keeps gum disease at bay. Dental restorations (or dental fillings), repair cavities and prevent tooth decay and tooth loss, playing a crucial role in both natural tooth preservation and restoring your smile. Typically,… Read more »

The Five Things That Can Destroy Your Smile

If you want to have a successful dental appointment and stay on your dentist’s good side, there are five things you need to avoid on a regular basis. Those things are: Using a hard-bristled toothbrush Hard-bristled toothbrushes can severely harm your smile. When you use them, they can cause pain, erode your tooth enamel, and… Read more »

What’s Happening with These Mouth Sores?

If you have ever discovered bumps, ulcers or sores inside your mouth or on your tongue you may have wondered what was happening. Oral lesions are fairly common occurrences, depending on the cause, and can show up because of infection, inflammation, or cancer. The most often seen oral lesions are viral and fungal infections. Cold… Read more »

Is What You’ve Heard About Gum Disease True?

What do you know about gum disease? While you probably know a few facts, would you be surprised to learn that there are many inaccurate rumors about the condition? To help you separate fact from fiction, we’re happy to discuss a few facts about gum disease. For example, have you heard that gum disease is… Read more »

Are You Having Problems with Your Wisdom Teeth?

Your wisdom teeth, or third molars, arrive in the back of the mouth behind your second molars. They may never give you problems, but when they do, it can be problematic. They are difficult to clean, brushing and flossing, because of where they are located. This makes them susceptible to dental caries and gum disease…. Read more »

Diastema: A Few Options

Have you ever heard of diastema? Really, you probably have—even if you don’t know it. Diastema simply refers to a gap in someone’s smile. Typically, this gap is between the upper front teeth, though gaps can appear between anywhere. In fact, diastema can refer to gaps caused by missing teeth. Naturally, there are a few… Read more »

How to take care of your New Custom Mouth Guard

According to the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation almost three million teeth are knocked out each year as a result of youth athletics. Blows to the face during contact sports is considered to be one of the primary causes of these injuries. In many cases these injuries could have been prevented by wearing a custom… Read more »

Sleep Apnea, Your Lifestyle, and Family History

Do you know what sleep apnea is? Essentially, the most common type of sleep apnea occurs when your airway is obstructed while you sleep. This obstruction can be caused by your tongue or sagging muscles in your throat.  In fact, a person who suffers from sleep apnea may unknowingly wake up more than 100 times… Read more »

3 Things to Look for in a Dentist and Dental Office

Are you in search for a new dentist and dental office? If so, we are happy to help you find the best dental care facility for you and your family members! With our suggestions, you will have the perfect dentist, dental team, and dental office in no time. As you search, we recommend looking for… Read more »

Preserving Healthy Gums by Flossing

Taking care of your oral health is not just about your teeth, but also about their supporting structure, the gums. Healthy gums and gum tissue will provide the support your teeth need to chew the foods you love. Gum disease can be spotted early on. If your gums are swollen, tender, or inflamed, you are… Read more »