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Dental restorations can make all the difference to your smile, as they help your teeth stay healthy and cavity-free which also helps keeps gum disease at bay. Dental restorations (or dental fillings), repair cavities and prevent tooth decay and tooth loss, playing a crucial role in both natural tooth preservation and restoring your smile.

Typically, dental fillings can last 5 to 15 years with good care and maintenance. Essentially, the filling material used will also determine how long it will last. Types of filling material include ceramic or porcelain, composite resin, silver amalgam, cast gold and glass ionomer (which releases fluoride). The longest lasting material is cast gold, lasting over 15 years, while composite resin fillings often last up to five years. Your dentist can help you find the best filling material suited to your lifestyle and your budget. Location of the filling, cost, and durability all play a factor in which filling you may wish to choose.

Lost fillings – did you know that your filling can fall out? Biting down too hard on something can injure the tooth and the filling, and cause the filling to come out. Also the filling might not have been strong enough for the tooth (such as a large cavity), or the filling didn’t bond to the tooth properly because saliva leaked into the cavity while it was being filled. These are all things that can cause a filling to come loose.

Cracked or chipped filling – fillings wear down with time, and crack or chip. If you have cracked or chipped fillings and don’t fix them, the leak will allow food particles and bacteria to enter the exposed space, and because you can’t clean under the filling, bacteria will form corrosive acid that leads to further decay. Because you may not be experiencing pain, you may not know it is even happening. This is why regular dental checkups catch problems you may not know are there, and get them fixed before it becomes too invasive and extensive. Cracks may also arise if the filling is placed higher than the tooth’s surface, and may erupt around the edges of a filling. And finally, if you constantly clench or grind your teeth while you sleep (also known as bruxism) fillings may be damaged.

Dental restorations will keep your smile cavity-free and bright! If you are having any problems with your dental fillings, or if it is time for your next checkup with our caring dentists, Dr, Zareena Banu and Dr. Manal Ismail, you can reach our Smile Fresh Dental team in Auburn Hills, Michigan at 248-255-4585 today!