Avoid Loose Dentures with Dental Implants

Posted on: March 6, 2019

Dental technology has greatly improved over the years and people are constantly curious about what types of benefits the latest technology can provide. Dental implants are one of those newer dental appliances that people are raving about.

Dental implants can provide someone with a number of benefits – but mostly they work to secure other types of dental implants such as bridges or dentures. Today, we will discuss how dental implants can secure loose dentures. Read more below!

How dental implants can secure dentures

While there are different types of dentures, it is important to realize that some dentures are secured within the mouth and others are removable. Typically, dental implants are only needed when dentures are permanent or when a person doesn’t have any teeth at all.

Dental implants

Before understanding how dental implants can secure dentures, it is important to know how dental implants work. The procedure for having dental implants placed usually occurs over a few months because there are periods of time where healing must take place.

A dentist will place the screw-like implants within the jawbone and essentially act as artificial roots for the teeth or dental appliances. Once the screws are placed, the patient must allow time for the implants to naturally bond with the jawbone. Once bonded, the other appliances that are necessary for restoration will be placed.

Implant-supported dentures

There are two types of implant-supported dentures that someone may have. There are ball-retained and bar-retained dentures — both of these require that dental implants are already in place in order for them to be successful.

  • Ball-retained: Each dental implant within the jawbone has a metal attachment that perfectly fits on or in an attachment on the denture. These are called ball-retained dentures because the attachment on the implant is usually in the form of a ball.
  • Bar-retained: A thin metal bar runs along the length of the jaw and attaches to the implants that are placed within the jawbone. The denture is then attached by use of clips to the metal bar, thus securing the denture to the implants.

Making use of implant-supported dentures allows for secure dentures to fit within the mouth so that a person can have a better-looking smile and a more natural feel! A lot of people don’t realize that dental implants can help improve the use of dentures by securing them. Although some dentures don’t need to be secured, there are cases where people may need to or prefer to have them in place. This is where implant-secured dentures come into play!

Talking with a dentist about all of the latest dental technology appliances can greatly benefit someone who is considering implants, dentures or both! If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to our office today. We have trained professionals who can answer your questions or give you feedback, give us a call or stop in today!

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