Dental Restoration: 3 Things You Need to Know

Dental Restoration: 3 Things You Need to Know

Posted by SmileFresh Dental on Dec 7 2020, 06:03 AM

Undergoing a dental restorations procedure may not be the highlight of your day, but it is important to restore oral health. Seeking treatment early is vital to prevent additional damages or eventual loss of the tooth. Regardless of the type of restoration required for the tooth, the general dentist will provide options to reduce potential discomfort and help you get your smile back. In this article, you will discover important things you need to know about the dental restoration process.

What to know about dental restoration

Restorative dental work resolves issues with the teeth. The treatment can sometimes require the removal of the damaged tooth structure. Although the loss is irreversible, the dentist can replace the tooth. Regardless of the treatment, the dentist will prioritize the patient's oral health and appearance.

Local anesthetic helps minimize discomfort and improve patient's experience

The dentist will apply a local anesthetic to a tooth undergoing restoration work to help their patients feel less pain and prevent embarrassing issues that often happen with full-mouth anesthesia. Patients will not get any sensation or feel self-conscious, which means they can get back to their routine almost immediately. Fortunately, local anesthetic improves the patient's experience, especially when undergoing a potentially uncomfortable treatment like a root canal.

There are options to make a smile cosmetically appealing

The dentist understands the importance of having a smile that is not only functional but also visually appealing. There are dental restorations that meet this requirement. Dentists use composite resin for filling cavities because it looks like natural tooth enamel and bonds easily with the tooth. If a dental crown is required, the porcelain material used also looks like a natural tooth, which means the dental restoration will be indistinguishable from the other teeth.

By staying proactive with oral health and visiting the dentist regularly, one can stop dental issues before they get worse to the point of extraction. However, even if tooth loss occurs, whether due to infection or trauma, the dentist can provide a natural-looking, effective dental prosthetic to restore the patient's smile.

Dental appointments are important after the procedure

Patients who want to protect their teeth from future issues need to take their dental appointments seriously. The dental checkup allows the dentist to monitor the patient's health and catch issues before they become worse and need extensive dental work. For instance, a simple cavity is treated with a dental filling, but once the decay reaches the center of the tooth, a root canal will be necessary to get rid of the infection. Afterward, the tooth will need a crown to protect it. During the visit, the general dentist can also suggest important preventive treatment.

In conclusion

You need to understand that the success of the dental restoration process lies in the hands of the dentist handling the procedure. If you have a smile that could benefit from dental restoration treatment or need more information, contact the dental office to book an appointment. The general dentist will examine the issue and develop a treatment plan to restore your smile.

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