Denture Repair: What Is Rebasing?

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If your false teeth are broken, then you might need to look into getting denture repair. This can help to preserve the teeth and prevent you from having to get an entire new set of teeth. It will extend the usable life span of the teeth. Keep reading to find out what the process involves.

About denture rebasing

This process might be done when the teeth are still doing well and are not worn out. However, the material used in the base might be completely worn out. The base of the dentures will be replaced during rebasing. That will give a stable surface for the teeth to rest on.

This might be needed if the denture is cracked or old. This is a similar procedure to relining. However, with rebasing, all of the pink-colored base material will be replaced, not just the lining. This is a bit more of an extensive procedure than relining is. There are several reasons that someone might need this form of denture repair, including:

  • Old or broken denture base
  • Damaged or broken dentures
  • Avoiding replacing the entire denture

How it works

First, the lab will create an impression using the existing denture. This will create a cast of the false teeth. Then a mold is created from this cast so that there is a model of the teeth. The teeth are sectioned off and then the base is removed.

The teeth will be held in the correct locations using sticky wax. Then the new base can be made, and the teeth will be attached to it again. The cast will be used to see that the teeth remain in the right locations. When the patient comes in, the dentist will have them try on the teeth to see how the fit is.

Preventing the need for rebasing

Patients should care for the false teeth to prevent the need for rebasing in the first place. It is a good idea to limit the hard foods eaten. The patient should hold them over a towel or a sink full of water in case they slip when cleaning them. That way, the dentures will not fall on a hard surface and crack.

The dentures should be soaked each night to prevent drying out and cracking. Water can be used, but many patients prefer to use a denture cleaner. This can also help keep the teeth fresh for the morning. The dentures also need to be cleaned using a toothbrush with soft bristles. That will prevent tartar from building up on the teeth.

Get denture repair today

There are many issues that can cause a damaged denture, which is why you should care for it well. But if there are issues, these should be taken care of immediately. A repair can restore your denture to its original condition and leave it looking like new. Your dentist can offer denture repair quickly. The dentist will tell you about the condition of the denture and recommend the right steps.

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