Questions to Ask at Your Consultation with an Implant Dentist

Posted on: April 2, 2019

Looking for an implant dentist because you need to choose a treatment option to replace your missing teeth? More and more people are choosing dental implants as a tooth replacement option due to the many benefits they offer, such as jawbone stimulation, and the fact that an implant looks and acts like a real tooth. This option for replacing one or more of your teeth first requires a surgical process, so it is a good idea for you to make a consultation appointment with an implant dentist to get more detailed information.

Questions to ask an implant dentist

The following is a list of questions that anyone who is thinking about getting dental implants should ask an implant dentist during their consultation appointment:

Am I a good candidate?

A good candidate for dental implant surgery is someone who is in overall good health, which can be determined by a health professional, a dental professional or both.

How long does the surgical procedure take?

While it will depend on each individual patient’s needs for how long the surgical procedure will take, the average amount of time to surgically insert one dental implant into a patient's mouth is about one hour.

How long does it take to heal and recover from the surgery?

It takes about five days for someone to recover from having dental implant surgery. Most patients can expect the entire healing process to take anywhere between four and six months.

What type of sedation choices are available?

A local anesthetic will be used to completely numb the area, which means that the dental patient will not feel anything during the actual surgical process. For patients who happen to experience dental anxiety or dental fear, it is recommended that they ask the dentist what kind of sedation options they offer, as well as guidance for choosing the right one for them.

What is your success rate?

According to WebMD, dental implants generally have a success rate of up to 98 percent. A success rate that ranges in the 90th percentile is considered to be acceptable.

Is there anything else I should know, such as special care instructions?

An experienced implant dentist will be more than happy to let their patients know everything that can expect after getting one or more dental implants. They should be very upfront when it comes to explaining anything that could potentially happen during the surgery, as well as after the surgery has been completed.

When it comes to special care instructions, they should have a full list of instructions to give to their patients to follow before, during and after having implant surgery.

Ready to make an appointment?

Ready to make a consultation appointment with an implant dentist so you can get all of the answers you need to make an educated decision? The fact that there have been many advances in the dentistry field over recent years means that you have choices when in need of any type of dental services.

Making an appointment so you can better understand your choices, as well as what each choice involves, is a great idea as this allows you to make dental choices that are ideal for you.

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