Reasons an Emergency Dentist is Recommended

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Emergent situations happen all the time and a lot of people tend to panic when they occur, but having an emergency dentist can give you peace of mind. While there are all kinds of emergency medical situations, there are also emergency dental situations too. Knowing what to do and who to see when a dental emergency occurs can be helpful.

Emergency dentists are now common everywhere. They exist in order to treat emergent situations because dental emergencies do happen and often at the worst times. Emergency dentists are often recommended for certain situations and knowing what those are can help anyone who is experiencing a dental emergency.

Today, we will discuss when an emergency dentist is recommended, read more below!

Reasons an emergency dentist is recommended


If a person experiences an injury to the face, jaw, or mouth then it is best to get to an emergency dentist right away. A facial or oral emergency can cause irreparable damage to the face, jaw and teeth. It is important that a person is seen by an emergency dentist at their earliest convenience in order to have the injury properly examined.

An emergency dentist is recommended when these injuries occur because they specialize in oral and dental trauma, which is exactly what an abrupt injury to the face or jaw might be. The emergency dentist will be able to work fast to figure out what has happened as well as a treatment plan. Sometimes these injuries happen related to sports or just rough play. There are also times where facial or oral injuries occur just in everyday accidents.

Sudden pain

If and when a person begins to experience sudden pain within their mouth, an emergency dentist can often be helpful. Because they are trained to work in emergent situations, they may be able to work quickly to find the source of the pain as well as come up with a treatment plan to at least subside the pain until further tests or examinations can be done.

Sudden pain may come on at any time within the mouth, specifically in or around the teeth. These types of pains often become unbearable for people to deal with and immediately getting to the emergency dentist can significantly help someone.

Crack or chip

Just like with injuries, a person can crack or chip their tooth at any given time. Cracks and chips often occur when someone bites down on something that is too hard or if they incur an injury to the face.

Emergency dentists are recommended when an unexpected crack or chip occurs because they can hopefully save the tooth by repairing it using restorative methods.


While emergent situations are absolutely unpredictable, it is good to know that emergency dentists are available when need be. They are trained to help people who are in emergent dental or oral situations. Being aware of when they are recommended can be beneficial to those wondering whether or not they should visit an emergency dentist.

If you have further questions about emergency dentists and how they can help you then reach out to our office today. Our trained professionals can help guide you through emergent situations or answer any questions that you might have. Give us a call or stop in today!

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