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KoR® Teeth Whitening:   Common Questions

KoR® Teeth Whitening: 4 Common Questions

Of all the teeth whitening options out there, KoR might be the most intriguing. It uses an approach that many patients have found to be effective. You should not have to hide your smile any longer or stay away from social gatherings. Instead, if you get this treatment and improve the color of your teeth,…

Questions To Ask Your Sedation Dentist Before Treatment

3 Questions To Ask Your Sedation Dentist Before Treatment

A sedation dentist uses sedation dentistry to ensure patients experience little to no discomfort when undergoing dental procedures. Sedation is often considered for patients suffering from anxiety, low pain tolerance, high sensitivity, or involuntary movement syndrome. In this article, you will discover three questions to ask your sedation dentist before undergoing treatment.The dentist will decide…