Kid Friendly Dentist

Kid Friendly Dentist

A Kid-friendly dentist's primary focus is on providing gentle and empathetic dental care to children from their childhood through adolescence. A child-friendly dentist recognizes the needs of young, vulnerable baby teeth and how best to take care of your child's oral health as they grow and develop. Child development and psychology are critical constituents of child-friendly dentistry. A kid-friendly dentist helps create an atmosphere that is warm, fun, and inviting for little ones. They know how to deliver treatments in a way that helps children avoid developing dental phobias that makes them shy away from their regular dental visits.

Early regular check-ups early in your child's life enable a kid's dentist to detect decay and signs of gum disease before they turn serious. As your child grows, preventative treatments such as sealants to protect new, vulnerable permanent teeth from decay and mouth guards to protect the teeth while taking part in games will be provided. They also help identify and rectify potential orthodontic problems before they develop into time-consuming issues.

What are the advantages of having a Kids Friendly Dentist?

  1. They are well-trained: Kids or a pediatric dentist will have undergone dedicated training to cater to children with advanced oral care needs. They can provide a gentler touch to your child's dental visits. However, all general dentists are trained in pediatric dentistry as well, and many are at ease treating small children, primarily if their practice serves families. A kid's dentist will have the following skills.
  2. They practice behavioral techniques: A skilled dentist will recognize the needs of young patients, both the dental as well behavioral. When a child appears fearful or anxious, the dentist will employ unique calming methods to reduce nervousness, especially when the child is in extreme pain. 
  3. They create comfort and rapport:A kid-friendly dentist will make both you and your child feel comfortable in the examination room. It may include telling your kid a tooth joke or giving his dental tools some silly names. As the child's mind is distracted by this silly activity, the actual dental procedure can be performed without realizing it.
  4. They make dental care fun: The best dentist for kids is the one who likes and is comfortable around them. They know how to distract a child with their silly banter. They have the expertise to teach children about teeth in a stimulating way, handing them a copy of their x-rays or showing them the parts of a model tooth. Kid-friendly dentists usually compensate a successful visit with a reward; it can be a toy, sticker, or new toothbrush.
  5. They have good experience:As pediatric dentists work almost entirely with younger patients, they are more skilled at interacting with infants and kids with special needs. They can also provide advice in the early development of children and can support breaking bad habits like thumb sucking and pacifier use.

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