Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a state-of-the-art dental care alternative for many standard dental procedures. It reduces anxiety in patients who are not comfortable using the dental drill, lessens bleeding and swelling during soft tissue treatments, and decreases the recovery time after dental procedures. By using highly focused light beams, dental lasers can modify or remove tissue in small amounts. Dentists make use of laser treatment for performing many dental procedures in patients.

What are the advantages of Laser Treatment?

Most of the patients prefer laser dentistry over traditional methods. Since cutting both hard and soft tissues of the teeth and gums during laser treatments does not let out heat, vibration, or pressure, many dental procedures can be carried out without local anesthesia. There is less use of drilling. Laser dentistry treatment may help in many ways, such as:

  • Reduce pain: In some cases, lasers remove the need for anesthesia, such as sealing nerve endings. 
  • Ease anxiety: Laser dentistry helps relax patients who are not comfortable with the dental drills.
  • Reduced bleeding and swelling:During soft tissue treatments, the laser assists in sealing the blood vessels, leading to immediate blood clotting.
  • Eliminate the need for stitches:As the treatment area has been cauterized, stitches may not be necessary for some people.
  • Reduce infection risk:The laser disinfects the area immediately during treatment, and as a result, the chances of infection are reduced.
  • Increased precision:Lasers permit the dentist to limit the trauma to the treated area, saving the surrounding tissue from accidental damage.
  • Faster healing and regeneration:This occurs due to decreased bleeding, trauma, and infection risk.

When should the Laser Treatment be considered?

Laser treatments offer superior clinical results with shorter treatment duration. It reduces the discomfort and prevents the need for more invasive procedures. Laser tissue treatment is beneficial and can be used to cure:

  •  Laser treatments help reduce the sensitivity to hot and cold sensations by sealing the tubules at the tooth's root.
  • They help find subsurface cavities that evade x-rays and traditional probing tools.
  • A tooth's cavity can be disinfected before proceeded to fillings by using lasers.
  • The recontouring of the gum and bone tissue is conducted to expose healthier tooth structures, thus establishing a solid foundation for tooth restoration placement. 
  • A gummy smile can be fixed with laser therapy.
  • The limited tongue movement in children and toddlers can be rectified.
  • The speech impediments caused by the tongue can be repaired.
  • The soft tissue folds created by ill-fitting dentures can be painlessly removed.
  • The benign tumors inside the mouth, including the gums, cheeks, palate, and lips, are extracted without causing pain.
  • The teeth whitening process is accelerated.
  •  Regular and deep cleanings such as scaling and root planing are done to remove the accumulated tartar.
  •  Lasers are also helpful in treating TMJ (Thermo mandibular Joint Syndrome). The tooth's sensitivity, inflammation, and TMJ pain can be controlled with cold lasers.

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