Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth can turn dark-yellowish for many reasons, including years of stain build-up from foods and averages and cigarette and tobacco chewing. Several medications can cause teeth to turn dark and also lead to some dental issues. The teeth can turn dark on the outside or become discolored inside due to trauma or disease. 

People can have their teeth whitened on a fixed basis so that they can look and feel great. It is not unusual for teeth to become dull and yellow as people start aging. This is due to the age itself and the types of foods a person consumes. Brushing straightaway after eating and drinking can help them prevent stains but is characteristically not enough to remove the stains entirely. Luckily, stained and yellow teeth don't have to remain that way. Professional tooth whitening is the most routinely performed cosmetic procedure, and it is much more effective, safer, more comfortable, and less irritating than whitening with a store-bought kit.

How does the Teeth Whitening procedure work?

When a whitening gel is rubbed to the teeth' surface, the whitening solution's hydrogen peroxide pierces through the enamel. It then starts the oxidation reaction, where molecules are transformed to reflect less or no light. This makes them appear colorless, and as a result, the teeth appear white. This process is highly effective for eliminating stains, and the same method can be repeated multiple times to get the required whitening of the teeth.

What are the different types of Teeth Whitening?

  1. In-Office Teeth Whitening:This whitening procedure is a very effective method to whiten your teeth in just one quick and convenient hour. This teeth whitening method will turn your teeth from dingy, brown, gray, yellow, or stained to dazzlingly bright white. 
  2. Zoom Teeth Whitening:Similar to in-office whitening treatment, the hugely popular Zoom Whitening method can make teeth turn eight times whiter in an hour. The gums and soft tissues are protected by cotton rolls and cheek retractors, while a desensitizing gel is applied to the mouth to help protect it from the powerful effects of the bleaching agents. After the whitening treatment is applied to teeth, laser light is focused on your teeth to speed up their work. This procedure is effective, fast, and long-lasting.
  3. Take-Home Teeth Whitening:If you are genuinely running short of time, then you can have your teeth whitening treatment done with the help of the take-home teeth whitening option. This method rivals the in-office teeth whitening results, but the at-home kit does require two weeks of treatment. In this method, the dentist will create a mold of your teeth to customize your whitening trays to fit you perfectly. The patient will be provided with bleaching gel and a desensitizing gel to ensure that there is no discomfort on the teeth and gums, and from there, you are on your own to follow the application instructions. If the procedure is performed correctly, the take-home teeth whitening treatment can last for up to two years.

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